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  • SPHInX

    The S/PHI/nX package

  • SPHInX Add-ons

    This projects provides downloads for SPHInX add-ons.

    Current add-ons available
    • sxdefectalign - supercell corrections for charged defects
    • sxdefectalign2d - supercell corrections for charged defects at surfaces & 2D materials...
  • SPHInX-releases

    This projects provides downloads of the SPHInX releases: source code and manual.

    We also provide binary packages (rpm and deb) via the Open Build Service . These packages require an sse2-capable CPU, and could be used for running calculations on a single node where ultimate performance is not required (among others). Other CPU-types as well as MPI-capable and high-performance versions must be built directly for the target system from the sources (tar.gz)....

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